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"Not your average biblecamp"

Date and location TBD.
We meme a lot, don't take us too seriously.

Strap your big iron on your hip and come on down to the Texas commando fest from February 15th to February 18th in Crockett national forest. It will be four days of fun in the sun! Bring your biggest smiles and your best attitudes, and remember to follow our simple safety rules. A Shirt, closed toed shoes, and full length pants are required at all times. Anyone within a quarter mile of the range must have eye protection, foam insert ear protection, as well as over ear protection with an NRR rating of at least 33 decibels. No open flames of any kind. No drugs or alcohol. No semi-automatics. No communist guns of any sort, we do not want to scare our brave service men and women, always remember to thank them for their cervix. Only one shot every 10 seconds. No physical contact, you must keep an arms length plus 3 inches of distance from other attendees at all times. No pistols over 32 caliber. Range fee will be $20 every hour and a further $5 per magazine reload. Pre-Approved American made brands of ammunition only. Small children must be kept on their leash. And no more than 3 rounds in a magazine at a time. My uncle, who works for the local sheriff’s department, will be there to check your guns in and out of the provided safes. Make sure to bring at least one parent or guardian and fill out the waiver before arrival! Anyone who fails to meet our very light standards will be crossdressed and tied to the punishment tree for public use. For further info please visit us on the web, at forward slash support. Or send your postmarked letter to, Public Broadcasting Service, 2100 Crystal Drive, Arlington Virginia, 22202. The Texas K Discord is paid for by viewers like you, and sponsors like Juicy Juice, the 100% real juice that kids love.

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